6aTo Hotel, 308TH STR., 8 MATY BULGARIA STR., 1415 SOFIA



Tower Bar

If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, a sophisticated cocktail or drink – this is the right place for you. Among the wonderful view of the city, , beauty and tranquility and greenery. For your personal celebration – wedding, birthday or family occasion, we offer you our uniqueness and charm, combined with exquisite service and personal respect.

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Barbeque Area

The complex offers barbeque zone where you can find the classical and romantic touch.
You can arrange your own barbeque party or join some of ours.
We offer roasted whole lamb, pork or poddy if requested.

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Art Garden

Our garden-barbecue serving delicious Bulgarian barbecue among the sculptural exhibition of Vladimir Nikolov, illuminating fountain and greenery, perfect for wedding and other personal occasions, a place with its own standards for beauty and extravagance.

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(Bulgarian) Бутиков хотел 6аТо предлага на своите гости фитнес зала, оборудвана с последно поколение професионално уреди с марката “Life Fitness”, предоставящи чудесни възможности за тренировки. Залата разполага с уреди, подходящи за тренировка на всички мускулни групи.

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Оферти и събития